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  • 16-21 November 2019

The Race

All information on the Arya LTdF race

Our Story

Arya Le Tour de Femina (Arya LTdF) series is a multiple stage bicycle race to be held in Malaysia and as a recognition as one of the climaxes in the world’s racing calendar for competitive cycling events globally. This internationally acclaimed race, held for a period of 6 consecutive days, will be held annually and expected to garner enormous following from the cycling fraternity worldwide and attracting top riders worldwide. Arya LTdF which will be held from the 16th to the 21st of November 2019, will provide an exciting and exhilarating race for the world’s top women cyclists who will be competing for glory in this first edition with its theme ‘Empowering Women’.

For potential partners and corporate sponsors, Arya LTdF 2019 is sanctioned by the International Cycling Union (UCI) as a 2.2WE road race. It is supported and endorsed by the Malaysian Government and various international bodies governing the sport of cycling.

Sanctioned by the world’s cycling federation and its affiliates, the Arya LTdF hope to achieve its goal to be recognized as one of women cycling’s most premiere sought after sporting event. This spectacle is the nation’s largest women sporting event and attracts worldwide attention as the race encompasses riders to race throughoutthe major parts of peninsular of Malaysia. The event will attract major corporate sponsors from local and international conglomerates and its coverage involves the full spectrum of television sports network globally. Cycling culture, once ingrained in the masses as a means of getting around before slowly dying out, is making a comeback in urban areas throughout the world.

Steadily but surely, there is a visible rise in the number of cyclists on the roads as people inch towards using the traditional means of transportation.

Local authorities in many cities and other urban areas all over the world are also using a holistic approach to keep abreast of the budding practice. Their initiatives cover education, green city guidelines and infrastructures in an effort to unite people to inculcate the culture of preserving the environment in reducing carbon emissions and, more importantly, traffic. The birth of various ride sharing applications for bicycles have also seen a boom in the last few years worldwide and in emerging economies all over, is an endorsement and a true testament that cycling and riding a bicycle is regaining its popularity with the urban and also rural dwellers universally.

Cycling races all over the world, including Arya LTdF, has been recognized as the best springboard for extensive branding coverage for the masses and offers an array of integrated marketing solutions including opportunities for sponsors seeking to be associated with an internationally acclaimed sporting. From the most powerful international TV broadcaster and extensive local media publicity together with a well prepared Media Plan in place, our exclusive PR programs and initiatives encompassing the latest technology of social media program structures, the best services in sponsors hospitality, Arya LTdF will be the perfect podium and finest marketing pedestal for corporate sponsors to brand and increase product awareness to a very large audience.

Event Information

Details of Planned Arya Le Tour de Femina 2019

Name Of Event
Arya Le Tour de Femina (Arya LTdF)

Ciclista Sports Sdn Bhd

Mr Shahirudeen Seeni - CEO
Mr Jamaludin Mahmood - Event Director
Mr Nik Hisham Nik Aziz - Commercial Director

Proposed Date
16th November 2019 - 21st November 2019

Professional UCI sanctioned race - Class. 2.2WE
6 days road show and carnival
Pre-event promotional amateur cycling ride

23 teams
11 National teams (Asia, Africa, Oceania)
12 Continental and Club Teams (Asia, Ocenia, Europe, America)

Estimated Race Distance

Start And Finish Venues
Kulai, Muar, Alor Gajah, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Teluk Intan, Kuala Kangsar, Kulim, Butterworth, Jitra, Alor Setar, Kangar

Estimated Crowd Attendance And Viewership
3,000,000 (Base on average of population per venue and coverage of event on Print and Electronic Media and Social Media)

World Class
Cycling Event
to compete
& 8 States
of racing

Race Route

These are race routes for Arya Le Tour de Femina 2019. For more updates, please kindly check with us regularly.